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Enchanted Sleepover Packages


Standard Party Package- $265

  • 6 Single A-frame tents

  • 6 Bed trays

  • 6 Lanterns/votive lights

  • 6 Decorative pillows

  • Twinkle light strands

  • Decorative accent rug


Mini Party Package- $165

  • 3 Single A-frame tents

  • 3 Bed trays

  • 3 Lanterns/votive lights

  • 3 Decorative pillows

  • Twinkle light strands


Besties Party Package- $100 (Suitable for 2 children)

  • 2 Single A-frame tents

  • 2 Decorative pillows

  • Twinkle light strands

This affordable option allows your child to have an amazing slumber party with their bestie! With this package you get two tents complete with mattresses and linens, twinkle lights, decorative bunting or floral strand and a decorative pillow. We do the setup the day of sleepover and then we pick up the items off the next day when you are done! This is a sure way to make your ‘average’ slumber party a memorable one!

Add On


Character Party Host-$100

Add any of our characters for an hour of games and excitement to your party.

Spa Host-$100

Add on a Spa Party Host for an hour of hair and nails to your party.


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tent one.jpg

Choose Your Custom Theme
Rainbow, Unicorn, Lego, Pink, Movie Night, Spa and many more

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